Two Houston rappers who are known as Paul Wall and Baby Bash were cleared by a grand jury on March 21. The pair had been charged along with nine other defendants for organized crime for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to sell THC.

The rappers were arrested in December after police officers raided a Christmas party in December. Wall, whose real name is Paul Slayton, stated that he had been facing up to life in prison if he had been indicted and then convicted of the offenses.

In Texas, possessing any amount of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, is a felony. The rappers had been charged by the former district attorney with the offenses. The new district attorney is reportedly starting a program to let some defendants who possess small amounts of marijuana to avoid being criminally charged. She stated that the rappers’ dismissal was not related to that program, however. Several other people who also attended the party were charged with other offenses. One was indicted for possessing codeine, and if he is convicted, he could receive up to life in prison.

When people are facing drug charges, they might need to seek legal help. Texas treats drug crimes very harshly as this case demonstrates. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may work aggressively to try to win dismissals of the charges against their clients. If they cannot secure dismissals, they may try to negotiate with the prosecutors in order to try to cap the sentences their clients might receive. If their clients choose to fight their charges through jury trials, the attorneys may work aggressively for their clients to try to obtain acquittals for them.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Drug charges dismissed against Houston rappers Paul Wall, Baby Bash“, Brian Rogers, March 21, 2017