Police find marijuana in apartment search

Two 19-year-old Texas men were taken into police custody after a search warrant was executed at an apartment on Feb. 8. Police reportedly obtained the search warrant for the College Station apartment while they were conducting an investigation into alleged marijuana sales. Both of the men were held at the Brazos County Detention Center before they were released on bond.

When police entered the apartment, they reportedly discovered 84.8 grams of concentrated THC as well as 17 vaping cartridges designed to be used with an electronic cigarette. Three jars with 2.08 ounces of marijuana were also discovered, and police said that the jars belonged to one of the men. In the other man’s bedroom, police found less than one ounce of marijuana and two grams of THC. The refrigerator in the apartment allegedly contained 20.4 grams of liquid psilocybin.

One of the men was handed a misdemeanor marijuana charge and a second-degree felony drug charge for possession of a controlled substance. The other man was handed a misdemeanor marijuana charge as well as second and third-degree felony charges for possession of a controlled substance. The second-degree felony possession charge has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

If police enter a residence illegally or exceed the permissible scope of a search warrant, the evidence that police seize may be inadmissible in court. A criminal defense attorney may be able to represent a person who was handed drug charges after a police search and help the defendant to argue that evidence was obtained unlawfully.

Source: The Eagle, “Officials: Two College Station men arrested after drug search,” Feb. 10, 2017