Man returns to custody following commutation of life sentence

On Feb. 2, a 68-year-old man whose sentence was commuted by Barack Obama in 2015 was detained by police in San Antonio on a number of new drug-related charges. Obama in that year had commuted the sentences of many federal inmates who were serving sentences in connection with nonviolent drug crimes.

At the time that the commutation of sentence was granted, the man had served an estimated 23 years of a life sentence on a cocaine conspiracy conviction. Now, he is facing up to 40 years in prison on charges of possession and intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine. Sources indicate that the charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

Before he was taken into custody by local police, the c man allegedly fled a drug deal and then subsequently collided with another motorist. A backpack that contained a kilo of cocaine was discovered by law enforcement officials in the investigation. During the man’s previous incarceration, President Obama had advocated for his second chance, enjoining him to make the most of the opportunity to turn his life around. The man is now being held without bond pending trial.

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Source: Vibe, “Drug Dealer Who Had His Life Sentence Commuted By Obama Is Back In Jail,” Michael Saponara, Feb. 7, 2017