Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy was pulled over for a traffic stop in Richardson, Texas, on Sept. 26 and accused of carrying cocaine. A felony drug charge for cocaine possession was filed against Hardy six weeks after the incident. Court records indicate that the 28-year-old NFL free agent is accused of possessing a baggie containing .7 grams of cocaine.

Given the amount of cocaine that was allegedly found during the incident, Hardy could be facing a maximum sentence of two years in prison along with a fine of up to $10,000 if he is convicted. Police who conducted the traffic stop found the baggie when they performed a search of Hardy’s vehicle. It is unclear what led to the traffic stop.

During the vehicle search, Hardy told officers that he did not know how the baggie of cocaine had gotten into his vehicle. Hardy has had legal problems before over an alleged domestic violence incident in May 2014. Hardy was initially convicted for violence against his girlfriend, but the charges were dropped when Hardy appealed the conviction.

Texas law imposes stiff penalties on people who have been convicted of these types of drug charges. In addition to the legal consequences, a conviction could have an affect on other parts of a defendant’s life as well. As a result, people who are facing such charges may want to meet with an attorney so that a defense strategy can be employed. If the drugs were found during a traffic stop, an attorney could argue that the authorities did not have the required reasonable suspicion to make the stop itself, rendering the evidence inadmissible.

Source: CBS Sports, “Ex-Cowboy Greg Hardy indicted on felony count of cocaine possession,” John Breech, Nov. 7, 2016