Two men in Texas were charged with felonies on Oct. 25 after a traffic stop led to a search and seizure. The incident began just before 3 p.m. when police officers in Nash pulled a man over for a traffic stop. Police say that the driver was in possession of codeine and less than one pound of marijuana.

The accused man was handed a felony drug charge for possessing marijuana and a felony drug charge for possessing a controlled substance in penalty group 1. After the traffic stop, police visited a residence nearby where the accused man’s child was being looked after by another man.

Police officers obtained a warrant to enter the residence, and officers executed a search and seizure. According to reports, police seized six firearms, more than $46,000 in cash and around 20 pounds of marijuana. The man who was at the residence was charged with two felony counts of money laundering and possession of marijuana. Both of the accused men were held at Bi-State Jail.

In their haste to bring drug charges against an individual, police officers often make mistakes during traffic stops and search and seizure operations. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help a person accused of drug possession to identify police mistakes that could help their case. If police failed to read a person their rights or obtained a search warrant with an incorrect address, evidence that was seized during a drug investigation could be inadmissible in court.

Source: TXK Today, “Traffic stop leads to large drug bust,” Field Walsh, Oct. 25, 2016