Texas Rangers pitcher faces DWI charges

On August 26, Texas Rangers player Jeremy Jeffress was taken into custody for DWI. According to police, he was stopped after he cut off a driver by changing lanes without a signal. The officer who pulled him over said that his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. Jeffress said that he had three or four drinks of cognac and Coke in a one-hour period.

Jeffress said he had to urinate prior to the field sobriety test, but the officer asked him to wait until the test was over. During the test, he was unable to maintain balance and also urinated on himself. He did so a second time while he was being searched, and police say they found a substance in the glove compartment that may have been either marijuana or its synthetic form. Jeffress and his passenger both denied that it was theirs, and neither were charged in connection although Jeffress was tested for the drug.

According to the police report, his blood alcohol content was .115. Although he refused to take a blood test, police were able to draw blood after obtaining a search warrant. Jeffress was also unable to play in the next game as a result of the DWI charge.

A DWI charge can have serious implications if a conviction is obtained. In addition to potential incarceration, they might face repercussions in their career. As a result, those who are facing DWI charges might want to discuss their options with a criminal defense attorney. For example, they might argue that the testing was done incorrectly or that their rights were violated during the traffic stop.

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