Process exists for sex offenders to request entry to public parks

Sex offenders in Texas have many limits imposed on where they can go. This includes entry into a public park. However, there is an exemption process that could allow an offender to gain approval to visit one or more parks. The application for an exemption on the restriction of park use can be obtained at the Sex Offender Registration Office in San Antonio.

The person can complete the paperwork at the office or take it home and return it later. Upon submission, the Office of the Chief will consider the application. Several weeks could pass before the request is approved or denied.

The chief will weigh many issues when considering an application. If the applicant has not finished a sentence or remains on probation or parole, a denial is automatic. Otherwise, the chief will look at the amount of time that has passed since the conviction and the number of victims that were involved. The nature of the original offense and the age of victims matter as well. The applicant’s relationship to the victim could also be a factor. Another important consideration will be the precise park that the applicant wishes to enter. Any decision that the chief passes down will be final.

A person thinking about applying for a park entry exemption might choose to discuss the matter with an attorney. A lawyer familiar with the criminal defense of sex offenses and federal crime in general could offer insights about the likelihood of the application being approved. The person could also become informed about other ways to gain exemptions from current restrictions placed on movements.