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Marijuana testing options on the road

While Texas residents may be accustomed to drug testing for jobs, the increasing access to marijuana across the country may increase the need for roadside testing of marijuana intoxication. Various methods have been evaluated, but there has not been much success in finding an efficient and minimally invasive solution. However, a method being developed by a Stanford University team takes only a few minutes to identify the amount of THC in the system through the collection of a saliva sample.

It is important to substantiate suspected DWI charges with objective evidence such as a chemical test. With alcohol, breath testing is a common standard. Saliva testing offers a comparable option as it only requires a small amount of time and can be completed at the scene. The sample is exposed to THC antibodies, and when these antibodies are activated, they provide a positive indication of the presence of the substance. Further, the number of antibodies acting upon THC can be computed to provide a numerical value for intoxication levels.

Because some states consider it a crime to have any THC metabolites in the blood, an individual using marijuana needs to understand the risks involved with using the drug legitimately in one state and traveling in another. States across the country may be faced with the need to review and revise standards for charging individuals with DWI related to marijuana as legislatures and voters continue to entertain the legalization of the substance.

An individual charged with DWI for marijuana might challenge the actions of an officer at the scene. Some field sobriety tests can be subjective in nature, and an individual suffering from medical problems might have difficulty in performing physical tasks in a satisfactory manner. A lawyer might help in challenging an official's assessment based on medical evidence related to a client's condition.

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