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September 2016 Archives

Man pleads guilty to $2 million theft

In September, a man in Texas pleaded guilty to two counts of theft over $200,000. The 69-year-old Killeen man was accused of embezzling over $2 million from the 195 Lumber Co. while he was employed as the company's chief financial officer. A sentencing hearing for the man's case has been scheduled to take place on Nov. 4.

Marijuana testing options on the road

While Texas residents may be accustomed to drug testing for jobs, the increasing access to marijuana across the country may increase the need for roadside testing of marijuana intoxication. Various methods have been evaluated, but there has not been much success in finding an efficient and minimally invasive solution. However, a method being developed by a Stanford University team takes only a few minutes to identify the amount of THC in the system through the collection of a saliva sample.

Process exists for sex offenders to request entry to public parks

Sex offenders in Texas have many limits imposed on where they can go. This includes entry into a public park. However, there is an exemption process that could allow an offender to gain approval to visit one or more parks. The application for an exemption on the restriction of park use can be obtained at the Sex Offender Registration Office in San Antonio.

A comparison of misdemeanor and felony assault

When an attack or altercation breaks out in Texas and authorities file assault charges, the circumstances of the situation will determine the severity of the alleged offense. The extent of harm caused and the target of the violence or threat play significant roles in the application of the laws.

Texas Rangers pitcher faces DWI charges

On August 26, Texas Rangers player Jeremy Jeffress was taken into custody for DWI. According to police, he was stopped after he cut off a driver by changing lanes without a signal. The officer who pulled him over said that his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. Jeffress said that he had three or four drinks of cognac and Coke in a one-hour period.

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