Police detained a volunteer firefighter June 29 for allegedly being drunk when he pulled over another driver in a restaurant parking lot. The incident reportedly happened at Rudy’s BBQ in Waco at about 9 p.m.

Waco police say that the 31-year-old firefighter was driving his personal Chevrolet Tahoe and used its white and red emergency lights to pull over the other driver. It is common for volunteer firefighters to have these lights installed on their personal vehicles in case they are called in for a fire emergency.

The man allegedly approached the other driver and demanded to see proof of insurance and a driver’s license. When the driver requested that the firefighter identify himself because he was not wearing a police uniform and was traveling in an unmarked car, the firefighter reportedly returned to his SUV without saying anything and left the scene.

Authorities say that the driver wrote down the license plate number for the Tahoe before contacting them. The driver told them that the firefighter did not appear to be an officer and looked like he was intoxicated. Later, police discovered the SUV and identified the owner as a Beverly Hills, Texas, volunteer firefighter.

After police detained the firefighter, they charged him with impersonation of a public servant, which is a third-degree felony. It is unknown if they are charging him with driving while intoxicated as well.

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