Cities can experience various different trends when it comes to arrests, including DWI arrests. Statistics point to San Antonio currently being in the midst of a trend of decreased DWI arrests.

San Antonio saw 4,316 DWI arrests in the period between October 2014 and June 2015. The city’s DWI arrest total for this same general period that started in October 2015 and spanned into this year, meanwhile, was only 3,237. This is a pretty significant year-over-year decline in arrests.

Many different things can potentially have implications regarding how common DWI arrests are in a city.

One is what transportation alternatives to driving are available in a city. One significant thing that happened transportation-wise in San Antonio last October is that the ridesharing service Lyft and Uber returned to the city. It is not yet clear whether the return of ridesharing services was a contributor to the DWI arrest drop San Antonio has experienced.

Another thing that can impact DWI arrest levels in a city are the DWI enforcement tactics and strategies used by police in the city. One wonders whether there have been any recent shifts in such tactics and strategies by police in San Antonio and if the city’s police will make any such shifts in the wake of DWI arrests trending downward.

What do you think is causing the current DWI arrest drop in San Antonio?

Even with this drop, DWI arrests remain something that thousands of drivers a year in San Antonio face. What happens after a drunk driving arrest can be incredibly impactful for a driver. If such an arrest results in a conviction on DWI charges, a person can face all sorts of consequences that can make their life much more difficult. So, promptly getting quality legal advice regarding one’s defense can be of great importance for an individual following being arrested on allegations of drunk driving.

Source: KENS5, “San Antonio DWI numbers down with ridesharing in place,” MaryAnn Martinez, July 1, 2016