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Sugar Land man busted for $33,000 of drugs

On Sept. 7, a Texas man was arrested after law enforcement officers allegedly found a large quantity of marijuana in his Sugar Land home. The defendant has been charged with felony possession of marijuana and money laundering.

According to local media reports, members of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office narcotics task force executed a search warrant at a property on the 10000 block of Sugarbridge Trail. During the ensuing search, officers reportedly discovered and seized 6.5 pounds of marijuana, 198 THC vaporizers, an unspecified number of Xanax pills and more than $7,000 in cash. The total street value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be around $33,000.

Increase of senior citizens using marijuana

By and large, marijuana has become far more accepted across the United States in recent years. Although it is still illegal in the state of Texas, there are still plenty of people here who use it regularly. In fact, one study found that a demographic increasingly using the substance is seniors. 

Data indicates that approximately 9 percent of individuals between the ages of 50 and 64 have utilized some form of marijuana within the past year. Within that same time period, around 3 percent of people who were at least 65 years old had used marijuana. This is a sharp uptick compared to only a few years ago. Many of these seniors appear to have used it earlier in life, with some participants having started in their 20s. 

Marijuana breathalyzer test invented by company

Drivers in Texas and around the country are facing an increasing number of DWI citations for allegedly operating their vehicles under the influence of marijuana. Now, a company has announced that it has created a breathalyzer device that can measure the levels of THC in a driver's breath. THC is the main effective compound contained in marijuana. The company's CEO said that it created a portable device that meets forensic standards and said that it could be used by law enforcement to potentially detect intoxication.

According to the company, THC only remains in a driver's breath one or two hours after smoking marijuana, what the company called a "peak window" for impairment. After three hours, THC in the breath drops to zero. The device displays a warning if THC is found and declares a pass if it is not. Texas police have not yet discussed the use of such a device in potential marijuana DWI cases in the state. Police emphasized that because marijuana is still illegal in Texas, people can be arrested for the possession of any amount.

Home raid reveals 200 pounds of marijuana

Authorities in Texas took a 29-year-old man into custody after 200 pounds of marijuana were found in his home. Authorities also said that they found a handgun, packaging materials and a scale during a search of the man's residence. He was officially charged with possession of marijuana between 50 and 2,000 pounds.

The marijuana was found in a refrigerator and in bags throughout the home according to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. After being taken into custody, the man was taken to a local jail where he was later released on bail. Authorities were in possession of a search warrant at the time, although reports did not indicate on what basis it was issued.

2 Texans arrested and charged with drugs and weapons offenses

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office reports that two people were arrested following a drug bust. The pair were taken into custody on August 24 after a search warrant was executed on a home located in the Missouri City area of Texas.

Authorities report that the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force conducted an investigation into narcotics sales in the county, which led to the issuance of a search warrant for the home. Upon executing the search warrant, officers reportedly found $3,100 in cash, 264 grams of ecstasy, 4.3 pounds of marijuana, 3 pounds of synthetic cannabinoids, 50 grams of cocaine and a variety of prescription drugs.

Anonymous tip leads to felony marijuana charges for man and woman

A Texas couple ended up in jail after an anonymous tip alerted police in Lacy Lakeview about marijuana at their apartment. The police chief said that officers reported finding the man and woman with approximately 1 pound of marijuana at an apartment on the 3500 block of Meyers Lane. Police said that packages and scales were also present at the location, which raised suspicions about an intent to distribute.

A 7-month-old baby was also at the apartment. Police summoned Child Protective Services to the scene to attend to the infant. The man, age 24, initially gave a false name, according to the police report. Police handcuffed him, but he allegedly tried to flee. After restraining him and identifying him, police officers learned that he had a warrant for burglary.

3 questions law enforcement might ask you

Several situations exist in which you may interact with law enforcement. If this interaction involves questioning about a suspected crime, or if you are facing criminal charges, it is important to be careful about how—and if—you respond to questions. Law enforcement might pose questions in an attempt to gather incriminating information on you, so you need to be prepared. 

Below are three questions that police officers and other law enforcement officials might ask you if you have been accused of a crime. In most cases, you are not obligated to answer questions without legal consultation, and you should be cautious if you are asked any of the following inquiries:

Texas man faces felony drug charge after routine traffic stop

A Texas man was charged with felony drug possession after a deputy with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office allegedly discovered about a pound of cannabis in his pickup truck during a routine traffic stop on the evening of Aug. 9. The man and his 41-year-old male passenger were both taken into custody at the scene and transported to the Liberty County Jail to be processed, according to reports. The incident took place near the intersection of U.S. Route 90 and Farm-to-Market Road 770 in the vicinity of Raywood.

According to an LCSO report, a deputy assigned to the office's Criminal Interdiction Unit pulled over the 60-year-old Daisetta resident's Dodge pickup truck for an undisclosed reason at approximately 6:00 p.m. The deputy says that he decided to perform a probable cause search of the vehicle after noticing a strong smell of marijuana emanating from it. The marijuana was allegedly discovered in a plastic shopping bag that had been placed beneath some ice in an ice chest.

How the law treats drug paraphernalia charges

Individuals in Texas and throughout the country can be charged with crimes related to selling or possessing drug paraphernalia. This can be true even if a person is not in possession of a controlled substance like cocaine or marijuana. The law divides paraphernalia into items used to ingest a drug and those used to distribute a drug. In some cases, it may not be clear whether a person was using an item for legal or illegal purposes.

For instance, a police officer may determine that a person was using a spoon or a scale to distribute or consume drugs. In such a scenario, context is important when deciding if an item is being used improperly. If drug residue is found on an item, it could increase the odds that it was used for an illicit purpose. Both the federal government and state governments have different lists of what they consider to be drug paraphernalia.

High-speed pursuit in Texas leads to marijuana seizure

Three Texas law enforcement agencies worked together on July 21 to end a high-speed chase that began in Sherman County and ended in Moore County. Deputies from the Moore County Sheriff's Office say that the individual behind the wheel of the vehicle being pursued was likely attempting to elude law enforcement because he was transporting about 80 pounds of marijuana. The suspect was arraigned at the Moore County Jail on drug charges before being turned over to deputies from the Sherman County Sheriff's Office.

The pursuit is said to have begun on U.S. Highway 287 in Sherman County. SCSO deputies say that the vehicle reached speeds of up to 110 mph as it headed south toward Moore County. Initial reports did not describe the vehicle or its driver and provide no indication as to why the deputies had attempted to pull it over.

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