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Police say Texas apartment building was a drug hotspot

Police in Texas say that a series of coordinated raids on the morning of April 17 were part of an effort to combat criminal activity in an apartment complex that has long been a problem for authorities. Officers with the San Antonio Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety and San Antonio Code Enforcement took part in the operation at the Cattleman's Square Apartments in downtown San Antonio.

A senior officer with the SAPD's Narcotics Unit said that drug dealers have been using the apartments to conduct business for several years, but reports indicate that a new investigation was launched in February after police learned that two criminal organizations had moved into the building. However, initial reports did not indicate which criminal organizations may have been involved. Officials hope that further inspections will find enough code violations to shut the building down permanently.

Texas family accused of selling marijuana

The Narcotics Task Force for the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office arrested a father and son, ages 57 and 25, in Richmond. Law enforcement raided the family home in the Tara subdivision on the 6700 block of Pickett, where they claimed to find drugs worth $40,000.

According to the arrest report, the materials confiscated by the agents included 2.5 pounds of marijuana and 1,176 grams of substances containing THC. Cash in the amount of several hundred dollars was seized as well. After the search, investigators concluded that the men were dealing drugs out of the home.

Texas men face drug charges after traffic stop and search

Two Texas residents are facing drug and gun charges after a police search of their vehicle on March 15. Officers reportedly found cocaine, marijuana, and an unspecified weapon in the car.

A Texas State Trooper stopped the 2013 Dodge Challenger the men occupied on Interstate Highway 35 East just outside Milford after an alleged traffic violation. A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety said that the reason for the search was a suspicion of criminal activity. Officers claim to have found 1 gram of cocaine, 6 grams of marijuana and more than 3 kilograms of edibles containing THC, a psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

Multiple people taken into custody on drug charges

Authorities in Paris, Texas, took five people into custody after a drug raid at a home on 6th Street N.E. During a search of the property, police found cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine in addition to guns and drug paraphernalia. A 29-year-old man, a 28-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man were all charged with manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance. They were also charged with possession of marijuana and endangering a child.

An 18-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman were also charged with possession of marijuana and endangering a child. The 25-year-old man was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. They were all taken to Paris Municipal Jail before they were scheduled to be sent to Lamar County Jail.

The meaning behind unlawful possession

Some Texas residents may hear the term "possession charge" and be confused about the exact nature of the offense. Criminal possession normally means the offender has something of an illegal nature in their control. In some circumstances, however, it can refer to a generally legal substance that's actually illegal for the offender to possess.

A number of factors can justify a possession charge. For example, possession of stolen property is a common charge. In this instance, the person charged would not be required to have stolen the items, only custody of them.

2 people detained on drug-related charges

On March 2 in Texas, sheriff's deputies took two people into custody after seizing more than 12 pounds of tetrahydrocannabinol and nearly 500 pounds of marijuana from their recreational vehicle after they stopped it for speeding. The incident occurred around 12:40 p.m. on U.S. 287 South near Loop 11.

Deputies reported that the behavior of the pair raised their suspicions. However, they could not get clear permission from the driver to search the vehicle. Therefore, they brought in a K-9 to do a sniff around the vehicle. After the K-9 indicated narcotics were present, deputies did a probable cause search.

Views on cannabis use slowly changing in Texas

The Compassionate Use Act enables people suffering from some forms of epilepsy to access low-THC cannabis for medical purposes without breaking drug laws. Although the state has started to embrace the medicinal use of cannabis, legislation to expand the legality of the substance has stalled among lawmakers. Two bills designed to reduce criminal charges and expand medicinal access, despite their bipartisan support, failed to pass.

The failed bills, however, illustrate the evolving attitudes in the state toward a substance that it has treated harshly for decades. Texas has long been a top state in the country for arresting people for possession of marijuana. In 2010 alone, law enforcement arrested over 74,000 people for possessing the drug.

Women accused of drug charges after police brutality allegations

Police in Texas have responded to a social media post alleging that excessive force was used against two women when they were arrested on the basis of drug charges. The social media post spread widely after one of the women posted photos of bruises on her arm after police reportedly reached into her car and physically pulled her out of the vehicle.

The city released arrest affidavits listing the drug charges that the two women are facing. Their car was pulled over by police just before midnight on Feb. 17. The woman who reported the claims of excessive force on Facebook was driving the car while her friend was the passenger. At the traffic stop, police claimed that they smelled the odor of marijuana and were going to search the vehicle. According to police, the passenger attempted to hide a small plastic bag that contained less than 1 gram of a white substance, which police say tested positive for cocaine.

Texas state troopers discover 290 pounds of cannabis

Troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety discovered about 290 pounds of marijuana during vehicle searches performed on Feb. 14 and Feb. 15. The drugs were allegedly being transported to destinations in Dallas and California. A 48-year-old California man and a 40-year-old Las Vegas resident have been taken into custody on felony drug possession charges in connection with the hauls. Both vehicles were pulled over by troopers on U.S. Highway 287.

According to reports, about 209 pounds of marijuana was discovered after a 2016 Volvo tractor was pulled over for a commercial vehicle inspection on Feb. 14 at approximately 6:30 a.m. in Childress County. The trooper involved is said to have discovered the drugs in several large duffel bags. A further 89 pounds of cannabis and about 17 grams of hashish was allegedly found the following afternoon when a Mercedes SUV was pulled over for a traffic violation in Wichita County at approximately 5:45 p.m.

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