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Posted by Jay Fathom

The laws in Texas, from the state level all the way to the county courts and city courts can be extremely complex to the laymen who run afoul of the rules and regulations. If you count yourself in this group of individuals, then be prepared for a maze so complex that it requires legal specializations that even the most wary among us are unable to understand.

But, whatever you have heard and considered, never throw yourself on the mercy of the court for justice. The attorneys at the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown are more than adept to assist our clients with whatever legal challenges that even the best of us are often entangled in.

Despite the challenges that they face on a daily basis, the team of criminal defense attorneys headed by Shawn Brown have closed out the month of May with an undeniably adept defense of their clients in local court settings.

One client, who had his blood drawn following a DWI stop wherein the BAC level was a 0.12, was involved in a harrowing automobile accident that resulted from speeds reaching approximately 100 mph. The client also hit a dip in the road causing to crash into a dwelling. That instance in itself is no doubt a challenge in local courts. But coupled with the fact that the client’s car burned to the ground, along with the structure where he came to a rest, all presented an even bigger challenge to the attorneys.

Nonetheless, Shawn, along his with his co-counselors, Adrian Flores and Bryan Orihel, were able to keep the court’s expert witness from testifying in this case. In addition, our attorneys were also able to keep any blood evidence out of the trial. Because of winning these pre trial motions and keeping the evidence out, the prosecutor found there was no recourse but to dismiss the case because they were unable to prove DWI.

Another case before the Brown team was a DWI breath test of 0.95. Bryan picked a jury and started the trial. But because of the testimony that was provided by the arresting officer, the duo was successful in having the prosecutor dismiss the case. Attention to detail and an eye for reading the individual has again proved fruitful for our team of San Antonio criminal defense attorneys.

Yet another case involving a client who had a DWI blood draw of 0.12, Bryan was able to show the prosecutor that had no case and the prosecutor agreed, ultimately dismissing this DWI case before it even took wing.

Shawn was also involved in a possession of controlled substance with a case involving the possession of cocaine. Shawn met with the prosecutor and showed them that they would not be able to prove that his client was in possession of the drugs as indicated in the arrest report. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed with Shawn and dismissed the case against his client.

And closing out the week ending on May 29, the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown took on an assault bodily Injury case. This time Adrian Flores exposed the deficiencies in the complaining witness’s story and showed the prosecution that they had no case. The prosecutor ultimately agreed with Adrian and therefore dismissed the case.
If you or someone you know needs the services of a law firm that will put your interests above theirs, then consider hiring someone from the Brown law firm. Their actions certainly speak louder than words, and they will be there with you every step of the way when you need them.

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The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown recently represented a client that was rear-ended by a driver who was texting and driving. The client sustained head trauma, a hematoma and a broken foot. After fighting with the insurance company of the distracted driver, The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown was able to reach a total settlement for the client of $130,000.



Our Client was pulled over for allegedly swerving and driving without their headlights on. After the administration of the field sobriety tests, the client was arrested for DWI and their blood was taken. Attorney Bryan Orihel reviewed the blood results from the lab, and found multiple issues with the refrigeration of the blood sample and abnormalities in the actual test of the client’s blood. The case was set for trial in which the state DISMISSED all charges against our client.