0-2 ounces marijuana DISMISSED

When matters go awry, count on a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer to set your mind at ease

Posted by Jay Fathom

There’s a tried and true old axiom that says, “numbers don’t lie.” Truer words were never uttered, and if you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, you will want to go with someone whom you can trust and who also has a proven track record in our court system.

And when it comes to the law, there also is no substitute for due diligence and knowledge of applicable codes and regulations. That precept recently guided criminal defense attorney Adrian Flores of the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown. Adrian certainly proved all of this and even more in court recently here in Bexar County.

Through his hard work and perseverance, Adrian was able to prevail when a client of his was arrested for possession of from 0-2 ounces of marijuana. A serious crime in itself and considered a class B misdemeanor, which could result in a fine of not more than $2,000 and 180 days in jail, Adrian was able to get this case dismissed for insufficient evidence through hard work and tenaciousness.

Also during the second week of March, attorney Shawn Brown was able to get a DWI accident with a Blood Draw of .24 dismissed for violation of his client’s speedy trial rights. The accident in question took place in December of 2011. And to accentuate the burgeoning number of delays in our courts, Mr. Brown‘s client was not even arrested until three years later.

And therefore, Mr. Brown was able to argue to the judge based on a Supreme Court case that his client’s speedy trial rights had indeed been violated. The court ultimately agreed with Mr. Brown‘s presentation of the facts and the law as it applied in this case. That the law in question pertained, the judge summarily dismissed his client’s case for violation of his speedy trial rights.

In a totally different facet of the legal system, criminal defense attorney Bryan Orihel was able to obtain a dismissal in a terroristic threat case brought before the Assistant District Attorney that our client was indeed innocent of all charges. Furthermore, Bryan was able to successfully argue to the ADA that there was insufficient evidence and he ultimately was able to convince him to dismiss the case.

And to round out a successful stint in court, Bryan took on a client regarding a DWI Breath Test .19 blood draw associated with a traffic accident. He successfully argued against the state’s motion for continuance on this case and the judge in question ultimately denied the state’s motion for said continuance and the state ultimately dismissed the case against Bryan’s client.

And while these results certainly bode well for the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, please note that they are the results of due diligence from well-educated, and highly informed lawyers whose only task is to know our laws both inside and out.

If you do find yourself in the unenviable position that is resultant of a criminal arrest, please don’t try to navigate the judicial system on your own. You will bolster your chances of exoneration several fold with the assistance of a competent San Antonio criminal defense attorney. Call on Mr. Brown to discuss your case and there will be one less matter on your mind during this trying time.

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The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown recently represented a client that was rear-ended by a driver who was texting and driving. The client sustained head trauma, a hematoma and a broken foot. After fighting with the insurance company of the distracted driver, The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown was able to reach a total settlement for the client of $130,000.



Our Client was pulled over for allegedly swerving and driving without their headlights on. After the administration of the field sobriety tests, the client was arrested for DWI and their blood was taken. Attorney Bryan Orihel reviewed the blood results from the lab, and found multiple issues with the refrigeration of the blood sample and abnormalities in the actual test of the client’s blood. The case was set for trial in which the state DISMISSED all charges against our client.