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2 charged after investigators recover marijuana, THC oil

Two Texas residents were taken into custody after police executed a search warrant at the couple's home on Aug. 7. Authorities said that multiple drugs were taken from the Conroe residence.

Investigators received a tip into the drugs and served the search warrant at about 1:40 p.m. During the search, the investigators seized significant quantities of marijuana, THC oil and THC wax Two LSD stamps and a variety of drug paraphernalia were also seized. The report said that the THC oil, an active crystalline compound that is extracted from marijuana plants, was packaged so that it could be used in vapor cigarettes.

What to do if caught with marijuana in Texas

Marijuana laws are steadily evolving across the country. However, possessing any amount of marijuana is still a crime in Texas.

Between 2001 and 2010, law enforcement arrested over seven million people for possessing weed. Law enforcement arrests hundreds of thousands of people in Texas alone for merely having the drug on their person at the time of the arrest. Anyone with weed caught by a police officer either in their car or on the street should take the following actions.

Penalties for marijuana reflect its dangerous potential

Many advocates of marijuana have scoffed at the notion that it is a so-called gateway drug which will inevitably lead to the use and abuse of harder drugs. While its legalization for medical uses has proven beneficial in some states, the evidence remains that it is linked to increased likelihood of heroin and cocaine use.

There are a few things everybody should know when it comes to marijuana and its related legal consequences 

Defining theft in the state of Texas

In the state of Texas, theft is defined as taking property coupled with an intent to deprive its true owner of it. An individual may also commit theft when he or she takes something from another person that is known to be stolen. A theft may be committed regardless of the value of the item that is taken, but the actual charge against a person may vary depending on at item's value.

For instance, if the value of a stolen item is $50 or less, it will be considered a Class C misdemeanor that carries a fine of up $500. If the value of the item is $200,000 or more, it will be considered to be a first degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. The penalty for stealing items that are worth at least $1,500 but less than $20,000 may be time in a state jail.

2 charged with marijuana, THC possession

On July 27, two Texas men were taken into custody after state troopers allegedly found marijuana and liquid THC in their vehicle. The drugs were reportedly found after a trooper conducted a traffic stop.

At about 3:32 p.m., a trooper reportedly observed the Dodge driving on an improved shoulder on U.S. Highway 287. After pulling the Dodge over, the trooper had the driver step out of the vehicle. When asked if the vehicle could be searched, the driver deferred to the passenger who denied the request. A K-9 officer was called in and alerted the authorities to the potential presence of narcotics, providing probable cause for a search.

Do you understand the marijuana possession laws in Texas?

Many people do not realize how much the state of Texas frowns upon the possession of marijuana. Even possessing small amounts of the substance may result in severe legal penalties that can affect you for the many years. Although some states have legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana, Texas is not one of them and currently decriminalizes the use, sale or possession of the substance. 

It is important for you to realize the impact that a marijuana drug possession charge can have on your life. Here is a brief overview of the legal consequences that come with the crime. 

Doak Walker Award recipient facing criminal drug, weapons charges

An NFL rookie is facing misdemeanor charges following an incident that occurred at the University of Texas on July 16. D'Onta Foreman, a running back with the Houston Texans, was one of at least seven men who were arrested after police responded to a call near a residence hall at 12:24 a.m. Law enforcement officials took the third-round draft pick into custody after arriving at the scene, where a marijuana odor was reportedly emanating from three cars that were parked in the area.

Following a search of his vehicle, Foreman was charged with possession of marijuana and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Six other men who were cited for possession of the drug were subsequently released. Foreman's attorney said that his client was leaving a friend's home in Austin when he was first approached by police.

More drivers under the influence of marijuana

An increasing number of motorists in Texas and across the United States may be driving under the influence of marijuana. At the same time, however, the number of drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol has shown a strong downward trend.

Information on alcohol and drug use by drivers was presented in June 2017 at a meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism. In the seven years between 2007 and 2014, there was a 50 percent increase in the number of drivers who tested positive for marijuana. Unlike drunk driving, driving after consuming marijuana does not lead to reckless or aggressive road behavior. However, marijuana can slow reaction times or a driver's ability to respond to emergent situations.

Problems proving marijuana DUI

Although some states have legalized the use of marijuana, it is still illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana in Texas and across the country. Despite the wording of the law, it is much more difficult to prove a marijuana DUI compared to one involving alcohol.

With alcohol intoxication, a breathalyzer is the most common tool used to determine if a person is under the influence. A breathalyzer works by measuring alcohol molecules in the breath and using that data to determine blood alcohol level. The technology works because researchers have a clear understanding of the relationship between blood alcohol and alcohol in the breath.

Officers seize more drugs disguised as produce

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working on the Texas border with Mexico caught another shipment of marijuana in Laredo posing as vegetables. A physical inspection of a trailer crossing the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge along with imaging and the help of a K-9 team resulted in the discovery of 5,754 packages of marijuana that weighed in at close to 2 tons. Fake bundles that appeared to be lettuce concealed the drugs.

Federal authorities estimated the value of the seized drugs at nearly $750,000. Special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations will continue to look into the origin of the shipment.

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